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We work with local, regional and national radio stations to share and exchange programming for news, currents affair as well as socially thematic shows. We also empower our broadcast partners to produce and broadcast high quality radio programming by providing training under different capacity building projects. Strengthening the editorial, technical and operational capacity of the partner organizations is our primary objective in the partnership.

If you are a radio station and interested in joining us as a partner,  please feel free to contact us.

The following documents are needed to appy to become a Ujyaalo broadcast partner.

  • Application Letter on your organization's letterhead with authorized signature and official stamp.
    Please mention your partnership goals  clearly in the application letter (e.g. re-broadcast our news bulletin, current affair shows, or other thematic programs; training or other kind of support).
  • Copy of FM License issued by Ministry of Information and Communication (Renewed and Updated).
  • Copy of Organization Registration Certificate (Issued by Company Register Officer or District Administration office).
  • Copy of VAT/PAN Registration Certificate.
  • Copy of Tax Free Certificate (if available).

After reviewing an applicant's documents we will contact the organization about creating a Memorandum of Understanding to proceed with the partnership. 

If your organization is interested in applying, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +977 1 5000171, during office hours - Sunday through Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Nepal Standard Time.

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UNN Coverage

UNN programs can be accessed across the country through the FM signals of UNN network radio partners.  It's news and current affairs programs reach most areas of country where FM service is available. Listeners in the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas can listen to UNN programs through FM 90 MHz, Communication Corner's own FM frequency.

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CC owns a four and half storied building which has fully 4 digital and analogue studios facilities to produce, distribute and support for broadcast related activities. Equipped with Mobile broadcast VAN (live and record from field using VSAT) technology and other technology (Interactive Voice Response System and Tieline) to coordinate field based production and broadcast with toll free telephone facilities provide an unique opportunities to the CC team. 

The building is built specially for radio stations with state of art technology, including earth quake resisting and run with sustainable water collection and power supply system with solar panel, installed at the roof of building. CC has been using solar system to avoid the power cuts and also have generator, city line as back of power source. Four digital studies, more than 50 computers, digital recorders, satellite and FM transmission equipments, vehicles are well placed for smooth operations of office for more than 60 people who work together in a team. 

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